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 Hailey  Kennedy


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Hailey is the owner of Dreamscape. She started a strictly piercing shop  called  AcroDeco Body Piercing (Bend, Oregon)  and was the only registered nurse body piercer in the northwest. Her shop and piercings became so popular that the Bend Bulletin featured her shop ACRO DECO on the front page of the business section. She eventually retired from nursing  all together and devoted her time exclusively to master in the art of body piercing and later, extreme body modifications. Hailey sold Acro Deco and traveled the country. Eventually she landed in Southern California where she learned precision piercing and advanced body modification. She pierced and managed at both “Raw Ink” and “Tried and True” Tattoo and Piercing.  Her specialties include Tongue splitting, subdermal silicone implants, magnetic finger implants, Genital beading, shaped ear punches, ear repair, keloid removal and pointed or elf ears. Hailey's nursing & medical background and her passion for piercing and bodymods has made her a leader in the industry and given her a unique edge in sterile technique as well as a science-based understanding of the bodies healing process

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